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Pou Whakarae

Pou Whakarae

Papaioea Art Project 2014 - 15   This project was initiated late last year and was to focus on three key aspects: 1.Papaioea site - Hokowhitu Campus. 2.Location – visibility. 3.Reflect values of TWoA as a Tertiary Provider.   Given the 'Core Values' of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, whakapono, nga ture, kotahitanga and Te Aroha, the idea of the Pou Whakarae, or 'Main Post' within the Pā Tūwatawata came to mind. Early records show this pou, which was a majestic towering pou, held huge significance to the Iwi. Earlier depictions describe the pou whakarae as a central post that was...


My earliest memories of whakairo go back to childhood times attending tangihanga at the local marae. As kids, we weren’t expected to tend to the formalities of the occasion and would promptly disappear. But there were times when inside the wharenui that I would ponder the rationale surrounding these massive ‘ancient’ forms standing erect around the interior walls of the house. I recall thinking that the carvings looked from another world and it was around this time that the idea of learning to carve came to mind. As a people with a history of passing on information from generation to generation,...