TODD SHERIDAN ARTIST is currently working on a new project!


Todd Sheridan is a visual artist of Māori, Irish and Scottish descent currently living in a motorhome travelling Aotearoa and the world with his partner.

His journey in the arts began many years ago as a teenager but, he was encouraged by his father (also an artist) to find a career that would be more reliable to bring in an income. This led him to study to become a teacher and for the next 20 + years he would dedicate his life to this field. 

In 2008 Todd decided that he wanted to rekindle his love of the arts again and began to pursue this passion. 

15 years later, this is the result of that journey. A journey that continues to grow.

Todd works in many art mediums including: printmaking, drawing, glass and whakairo (Māori carving) both traditional and contemporary.

You will see the fruits of this journey here. If you have questions, please send a message through the contact form, he would love to hear from you! :)