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Lime Green Glass Hei Tiki

Todd Sheridan Artist

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Lime Green Glass Hei Tiki
Lime Green Glass Hei Tiki
Lime Green Glass Hei Tiki

There are varying explanations for the 'tiki' form from Aotearoa. The kōrero (story) relates to the developing embryonic state, 'kukune', within the whare tangata or womb that we all pass through. 

Hei tiki were often worn as heirlooms and in other instances worn to enhance one's fertility as they were seen as a metaphorical connection to our first ancestors.

Dimensions of tiki - 110mm x 50mm x 10mm.

Approx Weight - 150gms

Length of braid approx 30cm each side. Please check length is suitable.

Gaffer Glass

Comes with green and grey wax braid with paua toggle.

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