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Tiki Wahine

Todd Sheridan Artist

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Tiki Wahine
Tiki Wahine
Tiki Wahine
Tiki Wahine is a freestanding crystal gaffer glass sculpture moulded from an original carved wood piece and shaped in wax to make this piece unique.

Standing approx 150mm tall and 40mm wide, tiki wahine has a pēpi (baby) growing in the whare tangata (womb), hence the name.
The base is solid glass and is approx 40mm in diameter.

There are varying explanations for the 'tiki' form from Aotearoa. The kōrero (story) relates to the developing embryonic state, 'kukune', within the womb or whare tangata that we all pass through.

Hei tiki were often worn as heirlooms, and in other instances worn to enhance one's fertility as they were seen as a metaphorical connection to our first ancestors.

Tiki Wahine is also about manifesting and birthing our heart's desires, into being. Honouring the divine feminine within, the innate creative potential that we all have.

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